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LE DOMAINE, a Luxury Hotel in Spain for wine lover

I have stayed two years ago in this beautiful property that I highly recommend for wine lover. If you pass near by Valladolid, you must stop there.

The Estate Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine is set like a jewel among the string of exclusive wine estates found along the Duero river. If the heart of the estate is the winery, its soul is the ancient 12th-century abbey, a beloved and carefully restored Spanish cultural heritage site.

The hotel that has now emerged from within the cloistered Romanesque-Baroque monastery walls is a refined 5-star setting where guests will enjoy privacy of the priviledged, the lap of luxury and the heart of the history. Moreover, you will have the opportunity of enjoy your dinner at Refectorio, our one Michelin Star restaurant.

Since 2013, one year after the opening, Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine belongs to the prestigious Relais & Chateaux, an association of the world’s finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs that has set the standard for excellence in hospitality.

Abadía Retuerta is a mute witness to history and a place where the land and the vine come together. The duty of our Duero Valley winery is to respect and preserve the legacy we have inherited in one of the top wine regions of Spain, our surroundings, the monastery and its wines. To return what we can to the earth, enhancing and increasing what we have so generously been given.

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